Thursday, December 29, 2011


      I've been seeing a huge rise of zombies in the media. It seems like werewolves tried to upstage the vampire trend, but zombies ate both of them. What is it that mainstream culture loves about these creatures? Is it the post-apocalyptic settings, the gore of it all, or are those lovable rotting faces just too adorable? Everywhere I look, there are zombie books, movies, TV shows, and mass produced merchandise. Even the CDC did a post on emergency preparedness citing the zombie apocalypse as an example.(here's the link) There have even been zombie walks, where people dress as zombies and parade through the streets. I have personally attended a local zombie walk, and it was great fun!
My best friend Justean hugging the "free hugs" zombie
The first zombie movie
Zombies are not a new thing. (The Zombie had it's origin in Haitian culture). So why is it just now that Zombies have especially been on the rise?
     I think there could be a couple reasons. Scientific advances and the threat of another nuclear disaster may be one reason. If it is possible to extend lives or cause deformities in children thanks to radiation, is it possible for an accident to create zombies or zombie-like creatures? Perhaps People wanted to substitute sparkly vegetarian vampires for a tougher image like zombies. Yes, werewolves may also appear to be tougher, but the Twilight ones were just too polished and baby-faced. :P With zombies, there is no mercy. There is no empathy, only instinct.
     Zombies are such adaptable beings. There are no set rules like with vampires (which is why the sparkly ones were a terrible idea). There can be Voodoo zombies, disease zombies, semi-intelligent ones, zombies who can use tools, and even lovable servant zombies (Fido).
writers and directors can really use their imagination to shape this creature into something original. Zombies are everywhere, and it will stay that way even after mainstream culture gets bored. Feel free to comment with any ideas about why zombies are so popular.

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