Monday, December 12, 2011

Ghost Hunting: My Story

I listed on my description that I am a Paranormal Investigator, so I am going to clarify that just a bit by telling you the story of how I became involved. Over July 2011, I was dreading a huge research project. This project allowed everyone to pick almost any topic of interest and gain experience in the field. If you know me, I hardly do anything halfway. I could’ve chosen quilting or pottery-making, but no. I chose Paranormal Investigation. I chose this topic because it is relative to my interests in all things dark, mysterious, and unknown. I also never thought those absurd TV shows did the field any justice. I wanted to see for myself what the field really was about.  When I had my topic decided, I had to then find an experienced Ghost Hunter to mentor me.
                Finding a legitimate mentor was incredibly difficult. I google-searched to no avail until I finally found a group. To my surprise, this group was one of the worst mistakes I have ever made. No joke. This “group” was basically just one guy who is almost thirty and living in his mother’s basement. He was extremely unreliable, and when I went on an investigation with him (not by myself), he was so unorganized, and he didn’t even ask permission to investigate at the location. He was basically running around while screaming insults into the wind. Yes, he called “the ghost of a Confederate soldier” a pussy. I was so disappointed that he was basically just another hysteria-filled television host, minus the cameras. In fact, I was forced to find another mentor halfway through the project. I had the threat of a failing grade hanging over me, and the whole thing was beyond my control. From there, I went to a reputable source that referenced a different group.
                This group I found is Historic Ghost Watch and Investigations or HGWI for short. I was so relieved when I heard back from them. These people saved my English grade. I went on a couple investigations with this group. I was astounded at the professionalism. They had a basecamp trailer through which their surveillance cameras are wired. They also have all sorts of equipment. If any of the equipment gets a spike, lights up, or if any noise is heard, the time is documented and the incident is radioed in to basecamp. They completely blew my expectations out of the water. This group is completely legitimate. In fact, I got an A on my project, and I even won an award for my work. Since then, HGWI invited me to become a permanent member. 
I love Bonaventure. It's said to be haunted. 


  1. how do you not be afraid of ghosts? i am really interested in the paranormal, and love the idea of doing investigations, but i think my fear would get the best of me. it's really strange how i can love hearing ghost stories but ghosts are one of my top fears.

  2. I'm not sure, although I can't really think of anything I actually am afraid of. It's just a matter of controlling your impulses I suppose. If you're interested, contact a team and give it a try. :)

  3. Maybe I will! Do you know of any groups that are good that work in the Atlanta area?
    I've found that I have calmed down about the ghost thing. Well, I'm not AS scared now. I guess i have to remind myself that it is not that scary. when i think of all the things that could happen, most of them aren't super scary and i shouldn't worry about.
    then i have to remind myself i've been in this house for most of my life and have never seen a ghost in my room so why would it happen now (all the paranormal related things i have witnessed have either been at another place or not really connected to ghosts themselves, like lights)?

  4. I don't know any other groups off the top of my head, but you can google search it. Make sure to call these people. Ask for references to make sure you aren't working with a bunch of pedos or know-nothings. It's said that spirits can interact with electronics since they produce an electro magnetic field. It's common for one to manipulate the lights, but it is more likely faulty wiring than a ghost. No need to worry. :)

  5. wasn't really THE lights, but a light. but yeah, i am feeling better lately. now i realize that a lot of my fears stemmed from an over-active imagination when i hear things at night. so now i usually listen to something when i sleep or i just calm myself down.