Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peter Murphy and Gothic Rock 2

Yesterday, I decided to haul my butt up to the mall’s music shop. Since the Peter Murphy concert in Atlanta is tomorrow, I decided to buy my own copy of Ninth. I wasn’t expecting that store to have much of what I was looking for. After browsing a couple of minutes, I found the last copy of Ninth. Not only did I find Ninth, I found a used copy of Gothic Rock 2, the double disc set from 1995! One disc was for classic 80’s Goth Rock, and the other was “…into the 90’s.” I found this Classic CD at my local suburban mall…It’s still a shock to me.  O_O
Review of Ninth: This is a very lively album of Peter Murphy’s. The songs are quite catchy, especially “I Spit Roses.” The lyrics are great, and it still sounds like Peter. The production is very clean, and the album is nicely done overall. I’m incredibly thrilled to see this brilliant artist in person. I’ll be sure to post pictures soon enough.

Review of Gothic Rock 2: This one was from Cleopatra records. It is a compilation of many Gothic Rock artists including: Bauhaus, Christian Death, Virgin Prunes, Corpus Delicti, London After Midnight, Switchblade Symphony, etc.  It has many great artists, but I personally would have chosen different songs from the groups. It has a few bands with which I am unfamiliar, so I am delighted to finally have the discs in my possession.

This just goes to show, don't underestimate your local suburbanite music store. ;)

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