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The Cure's 2016 Tour

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Ryan and I went to see The Cure this month when they came to Atlanta. They played at a big amphitheater, so we sat on the lawn along with all the other fans, including a couple who got married during the concert! People were dancing and drinking, hitting around beach balls, and enjoying the music of course.

The Twilight Sad is the name of the band that opened for them. Check them out:

This was my first time seeing The Cure, and I was delighted and surprised by the fact that they played over thirty songs with four encores. And, the weather was skin-melting. They talked about how it was "bloody hot" and that we Atlantans should "vacation in Greenland," ( I hope you're reading that in Robert Smith's voice) but they still kept going, taking breaks occasionally to stick their heads in the freezer. Here is a link to the concert's setlist if you'd like to take a look.

I haven't been dressing up much lately. I'll usually just wake up and put on a t-shirt and a simple skirt or jeans with minimal (or no) makeup, but I still like to have an excuse to get dolled up even if it doesn't bring me as much joy as it used to in years passed. I wore my favorite flowy top with my eyeball necklace (it's got a glass eye!). I did get a bit excited about wearing my Edgar Allan Poe-ka dot socks that Ryan bought me (confession: I love socks) with my wingtip creepers I bought a while back. I'm terrible at doing my hair since it's at an awkward length, so I tied a bandana over my hair like Rosie the riveter.

See the Poe-ka dot socks?
As you might be able to tell from the pictures, it was "bloody hot" out. I still don't regret the socks. They were worth the extra sweat.

I got new glasses!

As you can see, the show was pretty crowded. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting out on the lawn. I couldn't see the band very well, but the acoustics were great. Also, being out on the lawn with all those fans made me feel a sense of camaraderie. I saw so many black-clad, tattooed, colorful-haired folks, and we all danced like no one was watching. It was good fun.

My Ryan

I'll share only one of the videos from the night since they take up a lot of space. I like how you can see everyone's excitement (and the beach ball) in this one. And, if you listen closely, you might be able to hear me singing along. Please excuse the poor quality; it was recorded on a phone:

I had so much fun at this concert. I bought one of the tour shirts and wore it to lunch the next day, and I even went running this evening with "Want" playing on loop in my head. The rhythm was perfect for my running pace, I might add. I hope I get to see them again in the future. 

Let me know down in the comments if you got to see them on the 2016 tour or a previous one.


  1. I can't wait til they get to Australia! Soon!

    1. That's so exciting! If they continue playing like they have, then they'll play thirty songs or more. Although, they haven't played the Lovecats at any of their shows.


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