Monday, February 23, 2015

What's Brewing for me in 2015

I see it's been over a month since I've last posted, which is actually less time than I thought. It's probably no surprise that I've been busier than ever. In fact, I've been in a perpetual state of busyness for as long as I can recall. I thought it'd be considerate to give an update because a lot of things are happening this year.

The most exciting are my plans for Summer. For two months, from May through July, I will be visiting Cusco, Peru! This will be my first time abroad and the longest amount of time away from home. I will be studying and doing some service work (probably a teacher's assistant at a primary school). I'm going to take a Spanish literature class and a Quechua class. Both will be taught in Spanish. I'll be staying with a host family too! Hopefully, this will be the push I need to finally gain fluency in Spanish. Fluency is a really ambiguous concept anyway. I've been taking Spanish on and off for about seven years, and only recently, I can consider myself a high-intermediate learner. 

I'm really looking forward to exploring the Andes and walking among the beautiful mix of Spanish and Inca architecture, trying the traditional foods, petting the llamas, seeing Machu Picchu, and even visiting the Amazon. I have my language interview this Friday so they can place me. After that, they can officially accept me into the program. 

As far as concerts go, my boyfriend took me to see Saint-Saen's "organ symphony," and we're going next month to see The Church.

Speaking of The Church, Easter is approaching, and I am going to be received into the one holy and apostolic catholic church with a capital 'C'. You read correctly! I'm becoming Catholic. It's a lengthy and interesting story, and I may post about it sometime soon.

On a side note, did you know the Catholic church is the most Gothic religion ever? It invented "Gothic," actually. We have all kinds of Gothic things like the architecture (of course), exorcisms, drinking blood every Sunday, the Sorrowful Mysteries, and these other reasons listed at this webpage that I found, "Top Ten Reasons why Catholicism is so Goth."

That's really it for me right now! It's going to be an interesting year filled with life-changes. I hope everyone is thriving and continues to do so throughout the year.  


  1. Exploring the Andes sounds wonderful! Saint-Saens is beautiful!

    1. I very much look forward to this Summer. Also, I hope to one day see Carnival of the Animals.