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Williamsburg, Virginia (and Cemetery Pictures)

Last week, I returned from a vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia. For those of you who don't know, Williamsburg has a whole section of the city (Colonial Williamsburg) that was restored to look like it did in the colonial days complete with "interpreters" and tours. Williamsburg is also home to the beautiful College of William and Mary, the second oldest college in the United States. I will share my pictures, so without further ado:
Governor's Palace
Marquis de Lafayette

 The College of William and Mary was founded in 1693. Although I love my school, I considered applying to W&M, and I know I would have loved the old buildings with all the legends and tradition at this school. We were able to take a ghost tour of Williamsburg, and there were a few stops at William and Mary.

One of the Haunted Buildings, because of suicides.
 The building above, home to the English Department, had some interesting stories that I remember. One of the students here was overwhelmed during exam time and wanted to take a hardship withdraw. She was not able to, and she took her own life on the top floor. According to legend, this girl will appear to other students asking how exams are going. If the student says their exams are going fine, the ghost will scream. Another story in the building revolves around a second student who took her own life in the same area, with a note reading, "She made me do it." I believe there might have even been a third, but my memory is a little fuzzy.
The Crim Dell
 The Crim Dell, which is actually the name of the pond but commonly refers to the bridge, is a bit mythical as well. If you kiss your sweetheart at the top of the bridge, you will stay together forever. But, if the couple breaks up, the two are doomed to loneliness until one throws the other off the bridge and into the grimy pond.
I see your vision of a free America too, Mr. Jefferson.

Colonel George Washington

Bruton Parish Church
This is Bruton Parish Church, established in 1711. It is still a functioning Episcopal church (formerly Anglican). It was really interesting to explore in and around the building. The cemetery was filled with old, lichen covered stones inscribed with obvious death imagery (much like Salem, Ma). 

This grave dates back to 1726, the oldest inscription I could make out.
For someone like me who isn't used to being around areas older than the mid-nineteenth century at the oldest, there is something so mysterious and enticing about walking upon the same stones and entering the same buildings as people who lived hundreds of years before me. I hope to return at some point.


  1. I have seen a few pictures of Williamsburg and I really want to visit one day, of course I am in the wrong country so it may be quite some time! I love beautiful old graveyards, all peaceful and sunlit, and old tombstones. The ghost stories are rather good, I did shiver!

    1. Yes, do visit! There's also an Edgar Allan Poe museum in Richmond (which I didn't get to visit).

  2. Replies
    1. It was! One thing I remember about the place was how fragrant it was. There was such a variety of flora.


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