Saturday, December 28, 2013

"That Old Moaning Tree"

My poem, "That Old Moaning Tree," was recently published in my university's undergraduate literary magazine, Underground. I enjoy writing poetry. I write it for fun whenever I feel a whim, but I do not consider myself a "serious poet," if there were ever such a thing. I thought I'd post the poem here if any of you were curious. It's a bit of a dark poem, but my intention was to make it slightly humorous and slightly ironic. I felt inspired after reading "Cherry White" by Dorothy Parker.

That Old Moaning Tree

More than once I wondered how it would be
To tie myself in an old moaning tree
Where the dry leaves would shush
And the birds wouldn’t sing
Because they’d be too busy
Picking the eyes out of me.

More than once I wondered how it would be
To fly off a bridge through terrain serene
Where the wind would gush
And my eyes would water
Right before I hit the ground,
Where I’d become Earth’s slaughter.

Sometimes I’d wonder,
But it’s of no worth
Because soon enough
We’ll all be deep in the Earth

Where our corpses will wither
And nourish new trees

So another can wonder how it would be
To tie themselves in an old moaning tree. 


  1. Loved the poem, it´s very sweet and deadly :) reminded me of how I used to write in a same structure back when I was 15...