Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goblins and Hobgoblins

Toby and Goblins from Labyrinth
While thumbing through a copy of Fate Magazine, an article about goblins caught my eye. Goblins are legendary creatures that come in many shapes and sizes. Generally, Goblins are said to be small and ugly, noisy, and have a bit of a mean streak. They are known for their compulsive cleaning, mischievousness, greediness, and occasional baby-stealing (Labyrinth)

The Gringott's Goblin
Christina Rosetti wrote a poem called, "Goblin Market" Here's an excerpt:

Laugh’d every goblin
When they spied her peeping:
Came towards her hobbling,
Flying, running, leaping,
Puffing and blowing,
Chuckling, clapping, crowing,
Clucking and gobbling,
Mopping and mowing,
Full of airs and graces,
Pulling wry faces,
Demure grimaces,
Cat-like and rat-like,
Ratel- and wombat-like,
Snail-paced in a hurry,
Parrot-voiced and whistler,
Helter skelter, hurry skurry,
Chattering like magpies,
Fluttering like pigeons,
Gliding like fishes,—

[Here] is a link to her full poem.

Hobgoblins are very similar to goblins, except they hop around on one leg (from some sources), and they have a nicer demeanor. Hobgoblins are fond of pulling pranks and performing small household chores. Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream is a famous example of a hobgoblin.

Spiderwick Chronicles
Now that you are probably more familiar with these creatures after reading this, try leaving out a bowl of milk and some food-- maybe even small clothes. You might just attract a goblin or hobgoblin, but more than likely, this will merely get the attention of the local cats and raccoons.


  1. I love The Goblin market, my boyfriend's mum gave me a beautiful illustrated edition, I have the same name as one of the two sisters.

    I like the idea of leaving milk out but I don't know if we really want to attract goblins! Plus there are a lot of cats around here, they would probably get into fights with goblins over the milk.

    1. An illustrated copy sounds lovely! Rosetti's a good poet.

      The sound of a cat picking a fight with a goblin remind's me of part of "Cat's Eye" from Stephen King.

  2. I love goblins! Especially the Labyrinth ones. ^^

    1. The Labyrinth ones are hard to beat!