Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Ammons' House

Swarms of flies, strange noises, shadowy figures, possessed children climbing up the walls...These all sound like elements from a horror film, but these occurrences characterize a recent paranormal case from Indiana that's been circulating through the media.

So far, this case has been well-documented with records from local police and Department of Child Services, psychological evaluations, and priest intervention. After reading one article from USA Today, I find  it compelling that a DCS report details one of the children being "lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him." Despite this many written records from seemingly credible sources, there are still some loose ends.

Demon in the photo? There's an app for that.
First of all, I'm wondering why there is no video or photo documentation. In a case like this, it should have occurred to someone to document this on camera. In the reports I've read, the homeowner hired clairvoyants and requested an exorcism, but did she even consider calling the ghost busters? Paranormal investigators (the authentic ones) are trained to handle cases like this with objectivity and heavy documentation. Also, regarding the exorcism, the Catholic priest determined one son and the Ammons' residence required major exorcisms after a mere four-hour interview. This priest had never performed an exorcism, nor did the local bishop seem very confident about this situation even though he authorized it. Another important detail was a statement given by the landlord, who said there were no issues with the house before or after the family moved in. Despite all of this stacked against the validity of the case, there are still many believers, and just recently, television is getting involved.

I don't know if you've heard of a little Travel Channel show called Ghost Adventures, but ghost-bro Zak Bagans has actually purchased the Ammons' home for his latest publicity stunt. That means that very soon, we're likely to see his spray tanned face plastered on television. I can already predict how it will go: the majority of the show will be an interview and related "research." When the investigation actually begins, Bagans will yell insults and provocations. When he hears a knock, he will most likely have a freak-out. After events transpire, Bagans will be momentarily "possessed." When he pulls himself back together and the investigation ends, he will recount the event, deciding that the house is indeed the portal to Hell. Mark my words.

By the way, I'm not saying there definitely isn't something strange going on at the Ammons' house. I am saying that it's highly unlikely considering my aforementioned reservations.

If anyone's interested in checking out this case, I will link to the USA Today article and the report of Bagan's purchase of the home in question:

USA Today Article

Zak Bagan's Purchase